i'm bad at the internet

so this is about as good as this gets.

please feel free to creep @tinycup_ on instagram for new work updates.

yo, real quick:

  • i work primarily on commission. on the off chance i have the time to create personal work i will give a two day warning via instagram and then post the item for sale on my big cartel site. items available for purchase can be found HERE.
  • please do not submit a commission request without reading over the submission guidelines. most of your questions can be answered by doing so. i am only one woman, and emails have a tendency to stack up. please, please, please, just read the page. please.
  • if you're looking for commission info please head to the COMMISSION ME tab.
  • no, sorry: i do not make patterns, i do not sell patterns, i do not re-create any designs.


thanks for being here! you are appreciated. seriously.



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