commission request info

*As of Aug. 2019 all commission requests are being entertained, sadly all cannot be undertaken. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I am able. Thank you kindly for your interest as well as your understanding.

custom requests

Although I am happy to create a personal piece for you, please remember that you have come to me for my aesthetic. Be advised that I will be more likely to take on a request if the concept resides in my wheel house as I do not wish to ever compromise my aesthetic for profit.

the fine print

  • When accepting commissions, all approved requests are placed in a queue. Please inquire about wait time when making your request, and plan in advance when requesting pieces for gifts.

  • All approved commissions will require a non-refundable deposit equivalent to 50% of your project's price point before any work will begin. Second half of payment is due upon completion. *If commissioner backs out of the project once execution has begun, commissioner forfeits the entirety of said deposit to tinycup needleworks LLC to compensate for work already completed. Any invoice not paid in full by 30 day of receipt forfeits both piece and deposit unless a payment plan has been negociated.

  • Turn around time is based on where you sit in the queue and varies from there depending on the size and intricacy of your piece. Average turn around for a single piece runs anywhere between two weeks and six months depending on my existing workload.

  • I do not replicate any of my work. A concept may be revisited, however the end result will always be a unique piece. Any requests to duplicate existing compositions will not be accepted.

  • Please be advised that something too small or too large can compromise the integrity of stitches. Be sure to inquire about size possibilities when submitting your request.

  • All work is made using medium weight cotton canvas unless otherwise negotiated. I use both natural and black canvases. *Please note that black canvas work may be subject to a small up charge as it is harder on my eyes and thus takes me longer to work.

  • Buyer is required to pay shipping. All shipping within the US is done so via USPS priority (approx. $7-14) unless otherwise negotiated. International shipping rates vary based upon buyer's location.

  • All work commissioned in the state of Ohio is subject to a 6.5% sales tax.

  • Cost begins at 250USD, and is based upon time taken to complete the composition. Quotes will be given before execution of any accepted request.

    • To clarify: Single skeletal compositions or double torso (half skeleton -elbows up) compositions typically begin at 250-300USD and rise with each additional detail. Full length double skeletal compositions begin at 500USD and rise with each additional detail.

***Please do not hesitate to discuss working within the parameters of a specific budget. I will do the best I can to design a composition that will suffice your requirements. If previously arranged I am also able to offer split payment option (think lay-away) for your piece.






request submission *please do not submit your request without reading this.

If interested in requesting a custom piece, please include a thorough description of your idea along with references to any of the imagery present in my previous works for possible detail. Please also include any colors, dates, and/or other numbers you'd like present in the piece, as well as a general budget and ballpark deadline. (please note that I do not embroider text/animals/food (other than vegetation) in any of my commissioned pieces, but will happily point you in the direction of someone who may.) Should your request be undertaken, I will begin a dialogue via email to finely tune the particulars. Thanks again!

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