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  • If you do not wish to go through the whole song and dance of a custom commission and are completely impartial to the subject matter of the piece, you are welcome to message me to request a wildcard. The way this works is you simply submit a message below stating that you would like to be informed of the sale of the next wildcard, and I will place your contact info on a list. Whenever I am able to knockout a personal project, the next name up on the list will be entitled to first dibs on that piece. I will email you once the project is complete and you will then have 24hrs to purchase the piece (or come to some sort of a payment arrangement with me.) If after 24hrs you have not done so, or if you simply wish to decline on the piece, your name will be removed from the wildcard list, and the piece will be offered up to the masses. Please keep in mind that this option is intended for collectors and/or serious buyers only. Abuse of the wildcard list will result in blacklisting.

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