NO GODS/NO PATTERNS hand embroidery workshop

an entry level learning experience a la Domino Whisker & tinycup needleworks

While we recognize and respect the importance and place that patterns have in this world, we also understand that not everyone blossoms when confined to the design lines of others. That being said, we are pleased to present you with an alternative method of thinking when it comes to the exploration embroidery. Although some prior experience in the medium would be handy, this workshop has been designed to start from the bottom up and welcomes anyone ready and willing try. We will review a handful of basic stitches and guide you through a few of the methods we ourselves apply inside of our own practices. The object of this workshop is not to leave with a finished copy of someone else’s design, but to walk away with a shade more confidence in your own vision as you are each encouraged to create a unique version of a universally common thing.  Join us 14-15 July at the Dean Dublin  where we will walk and talk you through our world of needlework where rules are for suckers and intuition is queen. Snack, drink, and all materials will be provided. Just show up with a decent attitude and a desire to create something that is truly your own. 

  • This 6hr workshop is divided into 2, 3hr lessons with a 1hr break mid session. 
  • You may sign up for either the Saturday or Sunday session.
  • Both sessions run from 12-7pm GMT.

*A small collection of both artist's original work will also be available for purchase at the workshop.


17 MARCH until midnight (GMT) all spots will be sold at the cost of 170€ and then at 200€ there after. 

  • We are happy to offer you a split payment option should you require a little flexibility. Please just let us know when you sign up below!
  • If you are able to furnish proof that you will be traveling in from another country we will happily extend the discounted rate to you after 17-3.
  • As we've put a lot of time, effort, and flying over an ocean into this workshop our class spots are non-refundable. This includes any installment payments you have made toward your spot.


Materials provided include hoop, needles, seam rippers, snips, fabric, floss, info leaflet and a lil extra somethin somethin. 


33 Harcourt St, Saint Kevin's, Dublin 2, Ireland


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